Each Marketplace is unique
Iggy Agency has experience with all Amazon Marketplaces

Amazon Germany is different than Amazon France and so on. Each Amazon marketplace has its own challenges and knowing about those gives you a big advantage regarding your competition. We have worked with all Amazon marketplaces, failed before, learned with those mistakes and improved our knowledge. We can assist you in any country regarding any topic, VAT, shipping your products, deciding on the best category, SEO and so forth.

How SEO works on Amazon
SEO on Amazon is different than other platforms

Keywords and Performance Determine Amazon
Rankings and Purchase Likelihood. A well done keyword research about your products can give you a boost in sales in the long run. Price will also impact if your
product is found easily or not. Looking at your competitors’ pricing is a must, since if there’s a big difference between your price and theirs, this will affect Amazon SEO. Your product list might not rank because it is too expensive, it needs to have a balanced price.
The Amazon Sales Rank is an inverse ranking system. This means that a product generating the worst sales ranks last whereas a product making the best sales ranks on the top.

With the right Amazon SEO strategies your rankings can be improved, and therefore your chances of selling. But there is much more! Images, product titles, bulletpoints, A+ content, correct browse node, everything counts towards SEO.

Are Amazon Ads complicated?
Advertising on Amazon is different than advertising on Meta or Google Ads

There are several different types of Ads to pick from on Amazon, but most importantly, you need to know how to combine them so that they work well together.

Amazon Advertising is usually slower than Meta and Google Ads regarding spending your budget, which gives you room to improve and make sure you have everything in place. You can advertise products, videos, your Brandstore, target competitors or even advertise outside of Amazon. You will need to know when to use Automated keywords, when to used Manual keywords and what is the best bidding strategy.

What else should I learn about Amazon?
Amazon allows you to create your own Brandstore, if you are a brand owner

You will need to register your brand, if you are a brand owner, to get access to exclusive features on Amazon, such as the Brandstore and more in depth Analytics tools. The A+ content also allows you to extend your product page information, improving your SEO.

But Amazon is a world within itself, with it's unique product identification system, through ASINs, way to work with barcodes, shipping plans, returns and taxes. It might seem complicated, but we have been doing it for more than 5 years on a daily basis, so let's talk and see how we can boost your business through Amazon.