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Are you on the lookout for your next career opportunity? For more insights into working with us, feel free to explore the information below, reach out for further details, or take a glance at our LinkedIn page. We look forward to connecting with you!

About Iggy Agency

We hire people, not resumes.

At Iggy Agency, we prioritize your growth and well-being. You'll have the opportunity to enhance your skills and contribute to company development by working closely with founders and clients. We value your integration into the team and ensure a positive, motivated atmosphere through clear communication. Our flexible office policy allows for a balanced work environment.

Comprising a team with years of collaborative experience, Iggy Agency has successfully developed numerous companies. As an international team, we genuinely care about each other's success. Located centrally in Stockholm, Helsinki and Norrkoping, our offices provides easy access to excellent lunch and after-work spots, reflecting our belief in the importance of enjoyment in life.

Join us in shaping a fulfilling work experience at Iggy Agency.


Join the team as an intern

As an intern, you will work within a team and have the chance to work on a wide range of e-commerce projects. Show us who you are, what you care about, and where you want to go - we’ll show you the rest. To apply, please submit the contact form below with your portfolio and resume.

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About you

Join us at Iggy Agency in a dynamic environment that embraces change, complexity, and ambiguity, sprinkled with a touch of chaos. At Iggy Agency, we thrive on being uncomfortable and consider it a key part of our journey. It's important to note that Iggy Agency may not be the ideal fit for everyone. Before applying, ask yourself if you can care deeply about your work and contributing to the improvement of commerce for everyone, excel by seeking both professional and personal hypergrowth, keep up with a fast-paced environment that operates on a weekly, not quarterly, basis, demonstrate resilience and resourcefulness in the face of ambiguity, thriving on change rather than enduring it, bring critical thought and a strong opinion to the table, embrace differences and welcome disagreement as catalysts for progress, and work in a digital-first environment for your daily tasks.

If you're up for the challenge and resonate with our values, we encourage you to apply and be part of our dynamic team at Iggy Agency.

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