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Launch Your Shopify B2B Store

Experience a seamless transition to your new B2B store with our Shopify B2B experts. Zero downtime, easy access, and robust customer tracking—all within a few weeks. Manage both B2B and B2C operations effortlessly, all in one Shopify store.

The Best of Both Worlds

B2B + B2C in Shopify

Merge your B2B and B2C operations in Shopify for reduced costs, improved efficiency, and a more efficient sales process. Benefit from SaaS advantages like lower total cost of ownership and streamlined integration with back-end systems. Elevate customer service, customize your online store, and grow your business with data-driven insights.

Unleash Powerful B2B Tools

B2B Features in Shopify

Discover B2B features in Shopify that revolutionize the customer experience. Companies, with customizable customer records, pricing flexibility through price lists, and automated payment terms, provide a comprehensive B2B solution. Customize your online store theme for a personalized wholesale buying experience, and empower customers with Self-Serve capabilities.

Your Trusted B2B Partner

Why Choose Iggy Agency for Shopify B2B

Choose Iggy Agency for a lifetime partnership, removing complexity from your B2B business. Benefit from our decades of B2B ecommerce experience, being the leading Shopify partner in Europe. Enjoy ultimate flexibility, rapid project execution, and data insights with Zenny, our strategic AI-powered partner platform in financials business management.

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Unlock the potential of your B2B business with Iggy Agency. With decades of experience, a dedicated team, and cutting-edge integrations, we're ready to catapult your B2B venture. Don't hesitate—contact us today for a transformative B2B experience.