About us

We are Iggy Agency

At Iggy Agency, we're not just another e-commerce agency. Founded by seasoned e-commerce professionals, we've been in the trenches, navigating the complexities of online commerce firsthand. From the day-to-day grind to the most intricate technical challenges, we've experienced it all – from winning awards and successful exits to the rapid growth of scale-ups, and yes, even our fair share of mistakes.Β 

Specializing in Shopify and the nuances of e-commerce, we're here to empower your business, leaving no stone unturned. Under the Iggy Agency banner, we invite you to explore our innovative solutions and join us on the journey to reshape your e-commerce landscape.

What sets us apart

Simplified e-commerce solutions

At Iggy Agency, our distinctive approach lies in simplifying the complexities of e-commerce. Unlike others, we prioritize tools that emphasize simplicity and clarity, eliminating hidden fees or unclear pricing structures. Our guiding principle is that everyone should be able to easily maintain the final product.

This commitment fosters long-term relationships based on trust, not dependency. What truly sets us apart is our collaborative approach – working hand-in-hand with customers at every level. Our brand promise is reflected in our dedication to our clients' success. To ensure seamless communication, we provide a dedicated customer success manager, establishing a deep understanding of your needs before we begin. With relationships grounded in trust and transparency, Iggy Agency is here to help you achieve your business goals.

Who we are
Success is the result of a great team

At Iggy Agency, our focus extends beyond connecting the unconnected; it's our exceptional team that drives the success. Comprising a global team, our experts range from technical wizards and strategic creatives to project managers, data analysts and pure e-commerce specialists. As a flat organization, we thrive on diverse thinking, ideas, and skill sets. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, Iggy Agency is committed to providing the best end-to-end support to our customers.